Boric fertilizer
NAME: Boric fertilizer

content 95%

B10----11 B2O3 35.5

content : 400g

Pure white, micro-granular crystalline substance.; Easily melt in water; Used as basic fertilizer and sprayed on the surface of leaf.

Boron, magnesium, and ferron are indispensable nutritive elements for plants, they can effectively improve the quality of the crops, especailly so in the boron-lacking regions. When plants are lack of boron, cells can not divide normally, which can lead to the death of the growing point, root rotting, and empty fruit. However, boric fertilizer can easily melt in water and thus the boron can be easily absorbed by the fruits, which will promote the metabolism . Therefore boric fertilizer has provided a very effective solution to many plant diseases such as 'blossom without fruit' with rapes, 'bud without blossom'with cotton,"spike without fruit" with wheat,"empty shell without kernels" with peanuts, the soybean sprout disease, blossom drop or fruit falling with the fruit trees, and the decay of the radish and watermelon, etc.

The production of the cash/cereal/vegetalbe crops can be increased and thus economical income improved with the proper use of boric fertilizer.

Range of use : cash /ceareal crops or melons and fruit , such as rapes , cottons , peanuts , tobacco , tea leaf , soybeans , rice , wheat , maize , oranges , grapes , pears , apples , radish , and watermelon .

Method of application :
Leaf-surface spraying : use level : 400 g/mu ( 1 mu = 1/15 hectare); concentration: 1.6%(25-35 kg of water). Selectively spray 1-2 times at any of the peak times for boron ( rosette stage , bud stage, flowering stage) ,

Basic fertilizer : use level: 400-600g/mu; employed seperately or mixed evenly with nitrogen, phosphor , or potassium.

Boric fertilizer will be affected with damp and become hard after long-time storage, and it can be put into normal use when crushed up and its effect will remain the same.